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- Bouillon Chartier

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We all know that restaurants in Paris can be expensive. However, Bouillon Chartier is an exception. Located at 7 Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre in the 9th district, it has an extensive menu of basic traditional French food at reasonable prices. The restaurant dates back to 1896, when it was born out of a very simple concept – provide a decent meal at a reasonable price and give customers good service in order to earn their loyalty. 50 million meals, and only four owners later, the recipe is still every bit as much a success.When I say cheap, I mean main courses in the €10 range.

Why do Parisians and tourists want to visit Chartier? The answer is that Bouillon is one of the last Bouillons ('soup' kitchen) in Paris! Visiting Chartier will transport you back to the 19th Century Paris. The dining room has a high ceiling with a mezzanine for additional seating. There are overhead brass racks for coats and bags. The waiters are dressed in traditional rondin and a black waistcoat with many pockets. You will fall in love with the atmosphereThe conservation of architecture of the building and Belle Époque interior decoration has led to its classification as a historical monument in 1989. 

Be warned as the menu is written in French! It was no problem for us as we had smart phones and free WIFI from the restaurant which allowed us to translate the French menu into English! An alternate solution is to bring a friend that speaks French since the waiters are extremely busy and are unable to help with translations. No reservations is accepted and queues maybe long. You may be asked to share a table.

When it comes to complaints, Bouillon Chartier has often been criticized that the quality of the food is often rather mediocre. However, I would like to highlight that the food is simple and good value for the price you pay! Stick to the French options and you should be fine. There are factors other than food that makes up a great dining experience. The quick service, grand dining room and location makes up for the mediocre food. I strongly recommend Bouillon Chartier for a fantastic dining experience in central Paris.

Orders and ultimately the bill will be scribbled on your disposable table cloth. Be sure to know what you want to order as the waiter may walk away and return when you have decided what you want. 

Recommended Dishes:
- Duck Confit
- Lamb Chops

Food Review:
The duck confit is definitely a dish that you will not get tired of! The skin was extremely cripsy and the tender juicy duck meat fell off the bone. Keeping the new potatoes simple allowed for its natural flavours to come through. A MUST TRY.
Confit de canard pommes grenailles. Duck Confit with New Potatoes. €9.80

Let's be fair. The serving is definitely large but tasted mediocre. Lots of strong parmesan cheese!
Spaghetti Bolognese €8.70

Simply prepared. No seasoning other than some dry rub on the lamb. Tasty, tender and strong flavour! MUST TRY.
Côte d'agneau grillée, frites. Grilled Lamb with fries €11.20

Quelle cuisson, votre steak? Translates to how would you like your steak cooked. Be careful when ordering steak in France. Steaks in France are usually cooked RARE(British Context). Even ordering  A Point (Prefectly cooked in french) is RARE. Do consider going for Entre à Point et Bien Cuit (Medium-Well) for Medium Rare steaks in Singapore context. Classic way of seasoning with a knob of butter.
Pavé de rumsteack grillé, frites. Grilled Rumpsteak €11.50

The grand interior. Lots of locals and tourists!
Bouillon Chartier Dining Room
Bouillon Chartier Store Front. Look at the large number of recommendations! Even the michelin bib recommends this place for its well priced menu and ambience.
Check out the crowd ready to enter Chartier! :D
Restaurant Chartier's entrance from the main road
How is the preparation of Duck Confit different from other duck dishes? Cooking Duck Confit is converting tough collagen proteins into gelatin (collagen that has been irreversibly hydrolysed). Collagen is the main structural proteins of various connective tissues in animals. Duck legs have a high degree of meat-collagen which is only removed by holding the meat at low temperatures (68 Degrees Celius) for collagen proteins to denature and hydrolyse into Gelatin. The gelatin gives the Duck Confit the distinctive mouthfeel where the Duck Confit is lubricious, tender and moist.

What you need to know:
- Metro: M8 or M9 to Grands Boulevards or you could walk 1.5km from the Lourve Museum.
- Arrive early to avoid the long lines. I was told to arrive before 7pm.
- Bouillon Chartier is also known as Chez Chartier
- Stick to the french fares and you will be in for a treat.
- There is a Carrefour City near by where you can stock up on supplies!

15-25/S$26.10-43.50 (Full meal = Soup + Main Course + Dessert)

Bouillon Chartier
7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 
75009 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 47 70 86 29
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 10:00pm (Daily)
(Menu can be found on the website)

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