Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace (London)

This is my third day in London. If you missed the other days, click here!

One of the contingents marching in 

I'm sure you have seen pictures of the Changing the Guard/Guard Mounting photos on the brochures/postcard of London. Changing the Guard is a process involving a new guard exchanging duty with the old guard. Take note that during winter months, the guards will be wearing the Grey Winter uniform instead of the red uniform as seen in picture above.

To learn more about the ceremony, refer to this website! Otherwise, scroll down for more pictures and tips on where to stand to get good pictures!

On the way to Bucking Palace
The Steps of Victoria Memorial
A closer look at the memorial

Exterior of Buckingham Palace. Photographed by Koo Hansen

Guards marching into Buckingham Palace from the left gate(facing Buckingham Palace).
New Guards coming from Spur Street

Up close!
A police on a horse making sure no one loiters on the road during the Changing the Guard

Old Guards going leaving Buckingham Palace from the middle gate!

The middle gate of Buckingham Palace after the Changing of Guards
After the Changing the Guard, the Guards are making their rounds in the Palace.
Here is a map of the best spots (Use google chrome to view the map on this blog):

To get the best spots, do arrive early. Many people have advised us to arrive an hour before the march in for the Gates of Buckingham palace. During my visit, I arrived half an hour before the parade and managed to get a spot at Victoria Memorial.

The spots I strongly recommend are the green location markers on the map.
1. Position yourself facing the Mall. When the contingent marches in, everyone will be rushing from the steps of Victoria Memorial to where you will be standing.
2. As the guards march pass you, shift to the next location marker facing spur road where the New Guards will march in!
3. Finally, quickly shift to the steps of Victoria Memorial where many tourists would have left their original spots! (:

What you need to know:
- Timings for Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace varies during seasons. Click here for the dates and times.
- Train stations near by: Green Park station - 6 minutes walk. St James and Victoria Station -10/11 minutes walk.
- Or take bus 11, 211, 239, C1 & C10. Stop on Buckingham Palace Rd.
- Use the restroom before arriving. Either at Green Park Station (paid) or in St James Park (free). For directions, ask one of the friendly policemen!
- Bring a bottle of water and a cap to make yourself comfortable as the Changing the Guard will last an hour!

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Here is as map for day 3! (Use Google Chrome to load the map on this blog)

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