TKTS Booth, Chinatown, Covent Garden Market, Leicester Square, Piccadiliy Circus (London)

Day 3, Part 2 (Click here to return to the London overview!)

In this post, I will cover, there following attractions
-TKTS booth (to buy discounted theatre tickets)
-Covent Garden Market
-Leicester Square
-Piccadilly Circus.

The back of TKTS booth.

TKTS Booth:
After watching the Buckingham Palace Change of Guards. My family and I travelled to Leicester Square. When you are in London, you should catch a musical! The prices here are cheaper as compared to Singapore.

You can get discounted same day musical tickets at the TKTS Booth. TKTS are the official ticketing agents, something like SISTIC in Singapore. I forgot the mention that you should go on-line to check what is on sale before leaving your hotel (WIFI).

To give you an idea on how much you will be saving.
-Les Miserables £95.00 ticket being sold at £39.50.
-The Phantom of the Opera £50.00 ticket being sold at £35.00.

Tip: Check where the musicals are being held as they may require some travelling.
Consider The Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables as they are held in venues near Leicester Square.
Her Majesty Theatre where the Phantom of the Opera is performed
Exterior of Queen's Theatre where Les Miserables is performed 
While waiting for your musical, you could explore the following places where you can also grab a bite!
- Chinatown (Four Seasons - Famous for their Roast Duck)
- Covent Garden (Jamie Oliver - Pastas)
- Leicester Square (Joel Robuchon - Check out my review or Burger & Lobster London)
- Piccadilly Circus (Various other options)
Walk north from Leciester Square into Chinatown, where you will find London's East Asian community. Chinatown offers authentic Chinese shopping or a bite to eat. Try the ever popular Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant for their Roast Duck.
At a cross junction of the pedestrian street in Chinatown
One of the Chinatown Gates
Famous for their Roast Duck!
Covent Garden:
Covent garden in London's West End is a popular destination for visitors as well as Londoners who enjoy shopping, theatre, restaurants, bars, history and culture. Plenty of street acts and feal markets! On Mondays, the market is dedicated to antiques. From Tuesday to Friday, a general market operates with traders selling clothes and household goods. On weekends, the market offers arts and crafts.
Exterior of Covent Garden
One of the many street acts
The antique flea market on Monday 
Looking for a pewter cup? Old phone?
They sell pretty tablewares.
Leicester Square:
Leicester Square is London's home of entertainment where TKTS booth(aforementioned) is found. There is a M&M World London and there are plenty of souvenir stores(expensive). Near Leicester Square is L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. I had a set lunch here. Click here for my review.
Leicester Square

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Piccadilly Circus:
On Piccadilly Rd, you can find Fortnum & Mason. Founded on the same in 1707, the Fortnum & Mason is a unique and beautiful store. They have been awarded many Royal Warrants for the supply of Tea to the Royal family. They also claimed to have invented the Scotch egg in 1738.
Exterior of Fortnum & Mason
Rows of  Jam.
Some honey?

There is a Tesco near Piccadilly Circus train station. You can get your supplies over here.

Exterior of Tesco Metro, 17-25 Regent Street 

Haagen-Dazs is cheaper than what we have in Singapore
If you have decided to watch a musical. Don't forget to arrive on time! My family and I watched the Phantom of the Opera. Pretty old theatre where the seats are small but still has its charm.
Exterior of Her Majesty Musical where the Phantom of the Opera is performed.
If you see this, you are at the right place.
What you need know:
- Get discounted tickets at TKTS booth at Leicester Square
- Don't forget to check where the musical is performed!
- Wear good walking shoes!
- The Phantom of the Opera musical was AWESOME.

Here are the places I visited on day 3. (You may have to use Google Chrome to view the map)
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