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My family and I visited London in June 2013. Click here to return to the overview page of my London's Travelogue.

Day 2 Part 1:
It was a Sunday and one of the places that opened early was the Tower of London. Take a look at any London Guide book and you will find that one of the top tourist attraction is the Tower of London. The tower is named the Tower of London because it was in London and was a castle with a tower. Here are several reason why you should visit the Tower of London:

1. To see the Crown Jewels first-hand. You will discover the importance of the Crown Jewels to the British Monarchy, the role of the Tower of London in protecting these treasures and the long and fascinating tradition of coronations in England! Take note that no photography is permitted in the Crown Jewels.

Exterior of the building housing the Crown Jewels Exhibit
Sceptre with the Cross. Photo taken from Royal Collection Trust, 2014.

2. Follow a Yeoman Warders Tour (included in your ticket) and hear their bloody tales, where famous heads have rolled. Nicked name the 'Beefeaters', they have served in the armed forces with an honourable record for at least 22 years. They will be happy to answer your questions regarding the Tower and make sure you get a picture taken with them!
A Yeoman Warder

3.To see Henry VIII's armour housed in the White Tower. The white tower is stocked with armour and shields used by English kings and their sons during battle. There are tours for the white tower by one of the expert wardens. 
Exterior of the White Tower

One of the exhibits in the White Tower
4. Find gold coins! Visit the exhibit "Coins and Kings" on Mint Street which is the original site of the Mint for over 500 years. Visit the exhibit to find out surprising stores and unique history of this little-known area of the Tower. This is the original site where coins are made for over 500.

Coins, but many of them are FAKES!

5. There are many other things going on! Click here to find out more.
Small change of guards ceremony.
Interior of one of the many towers.

Issac Newton in one of the Historical Re-enactments.
Exterior of the New Armouries Café
What you need to know:
- Open daily except 24-26 December. One of the few attractions that opens "early" on a Sunday.
- The admission ticket for the Tower of London maybe expensive due to the exchange rate!
~~ £22.00(on site)/£20.90(online) for an adult ticket.
~~ £11.00(on site)/£10.45(online) for a child (under 16) ticket.
~~ £11.00(on site)/£10.45(online)
- Time taken varies depending on interest. You could do this place in 3-4 hours.
- It is next to the iconic Tower Bridge.

The Tower Bridge. Commonly mistaken as London Bridge!

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Here is a map to sum up the rest of my second day in London!
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